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Technical Sales

Industrial Process Pumps Technical personnel have extensive knowledge and experience of process and systems across a broad and diverse scope of applications and industries including: -

• Automotive
• Aerospace
• Aggregates
• Building Services
• Chemical
• Foundry
• Machine Tool
• Marine
• Materials Recycling
• Metal Finishing
• Nuclear
• Pharmaceutical
• Plastics
• Utilities
• Water Treatment
Automotive Aerospace
Water Treatment Utilities


With the increasing age of many machines and processes, changing manufacturing priorities and the loss of many original suppliers, there may be a need to evaluate plant for upgrade and/or life cycle costs. This could necessitate a review of strategic equipment and a search for alternative resources for technical support, spare parts, machine repair and maintenance provision as well as the supply of new equipment.

Our policy is to work in partnership with our customers offering total product support to identify and resolve problems that may lead to premature equipment failure. Also, through our gained knowledge of processes and systems we are often able to make recommendations resulting in real cost savings.

IPP's multidiscipline technical ability and breadth of knowledge combined with our design and procurement activities leave us ideally placed to assist in retrofit upgrades as well as new capital investment projects.

An extension of the Technical Sales team is the Industrial Process Pumps Project Management Division. Having undertaken a variety of projects, the PMD has vast experience in all works ranging from minor installations and alterations to major upgrades and turnkey projects. Please see the Project Management page for more details.

Our objective is to provide a single problem solving resource through in depth knowledge of our clients' manufacturing processes and maintenance requirements.